November 22 – December 21

The struggles that they face can be severe or simply minor. Before we can overcome these challenges, we must acknowledge them and work towards accepting them. Luckily, our Saturn sign shows us what we struggle with. The position of Lilith in our horoscope also what type of people, will play provocative roles and even be our enemies. Lilith in Aries : Behaviour is unpredictable, can go as far as crushing heads of those who get in their way.

Lilith in Virgo : Is petty, depends on people of higher status and can show greed but tends to play the victim. Lilith in Libra : Constant need of perfection and feels the need to judge. Use manipulation to get what they want. Lilith in Scorpio : Very easily agitated, a simple solution to arguments never seems to interest them. Can cold and nasty. Lilith in Capricorn : Shows off. Has a repressed sensuality and is distant. Is blunt and cold. Lilith in Aquarius : Gets bored very easily and constantly looking for change.

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Tends to exaggerate their own importance and authority. Lilith in Pisces : Shows inconsistency, complicates and confuses, is self-destructive. Has a strong interest in the dark side. Originally posted by youngmadbadboy. I find it difficult to think before acting, I have difficulty diplomacy, I find it hard to finish what I start. My individuality is first.

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The world is forward, not back. I love things and pleasures of life. I find it to disaggregate about people, I detest that they contradict me, I accept small changes. I have the body on earth but the mind in the air. I change a lot, a like learning and communicate what I learn, I like to talk with people. I find it difficult to concentrate, I find it difficult to obey. I like your hands, I like your talking.

I love cultures, I protect my family. I find it difficult to move on, I want to grow up my self. I love being in the center of the stage, I love to show my creations, I love funny people. I love health and hygiene, I love being tidy. I find it difficult to go through my shyness, I find it difficult when they criticize me, I find it difficult when I criticize my self. I love peace, I love you, I love me, I love justice, beauty and equality. I find it difficult to being alone, I find it difficult when i fight, i find it difficult to take the rides.

The Dark-sided Sagittarius Female: You'll Hurt Yourself Trying to Tame These Wild, Bucking Horses

I love passion, I love the occult, the hidden, the mystery. I find it difficult when I forgive, i find it difficult to forget, i dont like to show my fears. I love freedom, I love to search my truth, I love when you talk to me deep inside, I like traveling, I love food.

I find it difficult to discipline myself, I find it difficult to shut up. I love to meet my goals, I love to set goals, I adore my family, I love my work. I find it difficult when they ask me to be more flexible. The world is beyond this planet. I love charity, Sacrifice, I live doing art, I love art, I love the mystery. I find it difficult when they argue, I find it difficult to take limits, I find it difficult to stay in the ground. My world is the whole, the world is beyond the universe. Originally posted by sound-dream.

If your hellbent of befriending an Aries its best to donn a suit of armour to deflect those sharp barbs and bruising tactlessness. Take the fight to them and call out bad behaviour and you will earn respect and possibly friendship. Put your integrity and honesty out there.

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It takes time to win over Taurus so consistency is the key. Show them you mean what you say and back it up it with actions. Gemini hates lack of imagination and is intrigued by mystery and things that take time to fathom out — so drip feed them your secrets. Gemini also love enquiring minds — raise your IQ and start swotting up on — everything. Cancer refuses point blank to get close to people who have a history of backstabbing — a relationship without trust is just not their scene.

Get a makeover, go on a diet and take up cycling. Virgo seeks friends who are health conscious and mindful. They also appreciate a bit of competition so make the tennis game go to 5 sets or break out a 60 pointer in Scrabble. Dance with them, sing with them, flirt with them and tell x-rated jokes. Libra likes people who are cheeky, fun and and light-footed on the dance floor. Also be ready to laugh and cry simultaneously — this sign looks for high emotional intelligence and human brick walls make them feel uncomfortable and anything but friendly. Strangely enough this sign likes naivety and wide-eyed innocence.

Dark Side of Sagittarius

Scorpio takes great please in shocking and corrupting its victims. Be easy going and adaptable. Sagittarius hates to be around ruffled feathers or sticklers for detail. They respect humility and quickly, quietly getting the job done.

2. They can have a god-complex.

Offer assistance and follow through. Aquarius is very intuitive and will instantly know if friendship is a future possibility. They also possess a list of deal breakers so try and keep on the same page morally and philosophically. Be there to pick up the pieces and learn the noble art of forgiveness. Brief overview of the Lilith Sagittarius placement in the natal chart. As with anything in Astrology, this influence should be interpreted within the context of the total chart.

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  8. She may keep her personal philosophies secret from everyone, only keeping her own counsel.